Monday, August 29, 2016

Computer Repair Guy

I have been having trouble with my laptop for a while, I didn’t want to buy a new one as it was only a year and a half old, In computers, that is considered way out of date but it suited me just fine, it was the glitch of it turning off on its own when I would try to go to a web page.

I checked Craig’s list on my phone for someone to help me at a lower price than the rip off shop at the mall, I called the number and the guy, David gave me his address to bring it over for him to look at.

After the few minute drive I was knocking at his door.

“Hi, I’m Luke, I called you about my laptop.”

“Yeah, come on in, have a seat and tell me what your laptop is doing.” David said.

“Well, it shuts down on me allot when I get a pop up and I try to close it and I would like to see if you can clean it up and make it faster.”

“Sounds like a virus, and I am sure I can help you out, can I have it for a couple of days?”

“Sure, it is not doing me much good and is frustrating me like crazy.” I said looking into David’s steel gray eyes.

David was pretty hot, not the computer nerd I had expected, he was tanned and muscular in a natural way, he was wearing shorts and a tank top and I would get a flash of dark arm pit hair occasionally but it was his full lips that captivated me, the corner of the right side would pull up a bit when he spoke separating to show off his near perfect white teeth.

“Write your name and phone number down and I will give you a call when I finish with it.” David said as he picked up a pen and some paper handing it to me.

I jotted my information down and started for the door, David placed his hand on my shoulder as he opened the door, and I pushed my hand out to shake his.

“Cool, thanks Luke, I will have it done in no time.”

I almost forgot about David and my computer until my cell phone rang three days later.

“Hello, Luke? It’s David, your laptop is finished and running as smooth as ever, you can come by now if you would like to.”

“Yeah, sounds good, I’ll be right over, how much do I owe you?”

“Fifty bucks is fine, I really didn’t have to do that much, see you in a few.”

“Great.” I said before hanging up the phone.

I was at his house in about ten minutes and David was out watering the yard, shirtless and looking sexy as ever.

“Hey, you must live close, it only took you a few minutes to get here.”

“Yeah, just over by the mall.” I said as I stared at his chest.”

David walked over squatting near the house to turn off the water, I watched the back of his shorts pull out from his lower back showing me the very top of his ass crack, it made my heart race, I wanted to slide my hand into his shorts and a finger into that bit of a crack.

“Let’s go inside and cool off, it is hot out here and I have been out here about as long as I could without stripping naked and turning the hose on myself.”

“That would be a great show for the neighbors I’m sure.” I said envisioning that in my head.

David laughed as he opened the door, it was dark and cool inside, we sat on the couch while David turned my laptop on.

“What did you find the problems were?”

David smiled at me a bit before speaking, I was at a loss as to why.

“Well, you did have a virus, probably from web sites you may have visited, I cleared the virus and added an anti-virus protection and moved your massive picture files onto a thumb drive to clear out some memory and help speed things up, my face went red as soon as he said picture files, it was porn, gay porn tons of pictures of men, young and old doing all sorts of things to each other and cum flying everywhere.

David pushed the thumb drive into the USB slot on the side and up popped a set of files and David proceeded to show me how to transfer pictures and videos over to the thumb drive. A video of a guy fucking a smaller guy lit up the screen, my face was hot.

“If you store your entertainment on these USB drives, it will save your space and keep it off of your laptop, I especially liked this video.” David said with a smile.

“I’m so fucking embarrassed.”

“Why? I have a healthy porn collection of my own, here I made you a copy on a second USB drive.”

David handed me a blue USB storage stick and closed my laptop.

“That my friend will be fifty bucks, mostly I charged you for the anti-virus I added, and the rest was my pleasure.”

I paid him, shook his hand and gathered up my laptop and the two thumb drives, thanked him and headed for the door.

“Let me know if you have any problems at all, I’m only a few minutes away.” David said flashing that dazzling smile.

“Will do.” I replied.

In the car all I could think about was how embarrassed I was about him seeing my gay porn and him giving me a thumb drive of his porn, probably nothing I’d want to see, I’m not into straight porn whatsoever.

Inside my house, I opened my laptop and started to push the red USB drive into the laptop and look at my porn collection, I was very horny and wanted some relief.

I hesitated and picked up the blue one, David’s porn, I pushed it in and the screen came up to a video, at first a close up of a hot and large cock dangling between a guy’s legs, his hand came into frame and rubbed it to a full erection, wow, gay porn, I took him for a straight guy.

I could hear soft moaning and slipped my shirt and shots off dropping them onto the floor, the guy moved back a little from the camera, then I heard his voice say “Suck it Luke”, I jumped and almost lost my boner, the guy backed away from the camera until I could see his face, it was David, he had made me a sexy video, wow! And he was definitely hot.

David moved near the screen before turning a bit showing me his sexy ass, he did not bend over or spread his ass cheeks but turned back giving me a great view of his cock jutting out from his body.

“Luke, if you like what you see, I will be naked and waiting for you for up to an hour after you left my house, after seeing your porn collection. I knew that you would like a short video seeing me naked, I didn’t want to put any pressure on you. I also didn’t know if you had a boyfriend or were seeing anyone, in that case, you are probably watching this with him and won’t be over, If you are coming, don’t bother knocking, just come in, I will be inside waiting for your stiff cock to fill my ass.”

I looked at the clock, I had been gone for 20 minutes, and ran for the car, I wanted to run red lights as they seemed to take forever to change to green. Finally I pulled into his driveway and hurried to the door, it was unlocked and I walked in to see David standing a few feet away naked, just like he said in the video.

I reached to put my arms around him but he took one hand right to his low hanging balls and thick cock, my hand felt the weight of it and cupped his balls while my left hand roamed his lower back.

David was a sight, very hot looking naked stud that seemed to be a bottom. David pulled the back of my neck toward him, his sexy lips went to mine that chewed softly before running his tongue into my mouth as we walked to his bed.

David pulled my tee over my head and ran his tongue down my chest to my left nipple, his hand went down the back of my waistband and into my ass crack. He unbuttoned my jeans and pulled them to the floor and wrapped his hands around the back of my legs and moved to my brief covered ass.

We had not said a word but David moved his mouth to my crotch and started biting and chewing at my underwear and bulge before dropping them to my ankles.

My cock bounced as I stepped out of my jeans and briefs, I ran my hands over David’s chest and down to his crotch, my fingers circled his cock and balls, but not quite all the way, but I felt as I owned them, he leaned in and kissed me again.

“Fuck me.” He whispered in my ear.

We moved onto the bed, he had prepared by setting out some lube and condoms, I helped myself and gave him a firm push face down onto the bed, I reached under and lifted his hips into the air and could feel his cock and balls dangling in the air between his legs.

His smooth skin was intoxicating, I ran my hands all over his back and thighs, and he had that fresh out of the shower smell and feel.

I moved in behind him and in one firm motion, after adding lube, I pushed my condom covered cock into his ass. I could hear him inhale deeply but I got the idea from his actions and lack of idle chat, he wanted to be taken firmly.

I pushed forward as far as my cock could be buried inside him and leaned back some, looking down at my cock shoved into his ass, I wiggled inside him side to side before fucking him again.

I reached under and felt his manhood, it was more full than before but not completely hard, looking at David’s back while I held his hips and gave him all I had, fucking him hard and deep.

“Fuck me baby, give it to me.” David said.

I didn’t hesitate, I fucked him hard and fast, hammering my cock into his sweet ass

When I was about to cum, I pulled out and peeled off the condom and squirted my jizz over his ass crack and butthole while pushing my cockhead in the sticky goo while I finished cumming.

David flipped over moving his legs to his chest baring his asshole to the ceiling, I slid my finger into his ass and reamed it in and out while I jacked him with the other hand until his man juice splashed all over his chest and face.

He looked so sexy laying there covered in cum, I reached down and rubbed it into his nipples before sucking the spunk from them.

“That was hot.” I said softly.

“No, that was way fucking hot.” David said.

I laid on top of his chest and looked into his eyes.

“I’m hungry, want to go get dinner and a few beers?”

“Yeah, I do.” He said.

“One thing Luke, I am not into dating, I am not looking for a boyfriend, just sex now and then and I like my ass plowed, I don’t mind hanging out sometimes but I am not exclusive, so don’t get attached, let’s go get something to eat.”

We ate a big dinner and talked a bit, seemed that David was into random sex and I could indulge in that for a while but ultimately want a man that I can come home to every night.

David was a fulltime bottom and liked to be plowed a couple of times a week either by me or someone else after we would text to meet, I never got tired of walking into his house finding him naked, sometimes he was on the couch watching TV with his legs spread, in the shower or on his bed, I never knew where I would find him but he was always naked.


  1. Holy Hell, well that was great, and squirted a huge load all over myself. Time to clean up.

  2. Was very hot, I think my computer needs some repair too :)

  3. Hi how u doing love ur stories if I may ask when u gonna add more

  4. Pretty good story! Hot with a nice little plot. My only criticism is that there are a number of grammatical errors that could be easily fixed.