Saturday, November 12, 2016

Lakeside Lust

I have been planning a getaway for about four months, it was a campsite clearing near a beautiful small lake that I will have to hike to and I was going alone, no one would be around for miles but me.
A few years ago I had gone with some friends and had a blast but they were noisy and one of the guys was a real queen, always screaming in a high pitched voice and flitting around in his daisy duke cut off shorts where his “goods” were practically hanging out of the leg opening.
This time, I wanted to go and relax, do what I wanted, when I wanted. I am taking a small fishing rod to catch dinner in the lake to keep me from eating many of the freeze dried meals that I will pack.

Finally it was time to pull out of my driveway, I loaded up my SUV with only what I could pack in on my back, as the lake was over two miles in from the dirt road where I would leave my car. I drove out toward the lake stopping for dinner at a truck stop near where I would leave the highway and got a big juicy burger and fries knowing that after this meal I would only be eating what I could cook over a campfire or the small propane burner that I was taking with me.

Driving down the dirt road I found the trail that I knew would go to the lake and the place I would put my tent for the next few days. I parked, put on my loaded pack and grabbed another bag, the weight was well over sixty pounds between the bags, and I was tempted to pull out half of the stuff I brought.

It was a good two miles down an uneven path with branches brushing into my face and it was all I could do to keep my mind off of the potential snake that might be lying in wait to scare the shit out of me. I came to the clearing and could see the lake, it was only about six PM and I had to set up camp before it got dark or I would be doing it by lantern light.
Just as I moved toward the lake edge I saw a tent and a guy that was naked, standing at the water’s edge, damn, some jackass took my spot, I made a bit of noise so the guy would see me coming up.

“Hello, I don’t mean to intrude on you, it looks like we both had the same plan for this spot.” I said.

“Oh, hi, yeah I just got in a couple of hours ago myself, sorry, I usually stay naked the whole time I am here, my name is Carter.” He said as he covered his crotch with his hands.

“Not a problem, I planned on wearing little to no clothes myself, I will move on and leave you to your private getaway, my name is Jeremy.” I said.

“Nonsense, it is almost dark and I have hiked around the lake last time I was here, there is only one other good clearing and it is probably a mile or more away, put your tent where you want and do as you like, you won’t be a bother.”

“Thanks, I really don’t want to get caught in the dark, I will go off to that side over there.”

“Jeremy, set it up wherever, and you are welcome to share my campfire if you want after you are done.”

I went about my business putting my tent up, inflating my air mattress and rolling out my sleeping bag, every once in a while I would look up to catch a glimpse of Carter, he looked to be between 25 and 30 years old with dark hair and has a smoking hot ass, his cock was cut and not a huge one but looked like it would do the job.
I finished up doing most everything and looked around and gave a small sigh, it was now relaxation time, I sat in my tent and took off my shoes, and stuffed my socks into them to prevent snakes from camping out in them, the chances were slim but I didn’t want to think about it happening, I have an aversion to snakes.
“Get naked and join me if you like.” Carter called out.

“Thanks, nothing like being naked in nature.”

I felt a little self-conscious but I stripped my clothes off and walked over to the fire, there was a fallen log that Carter was sitting on with enough room for 5 or 6 people.

“Pull up some wood.” Carter said with a wry grin.

"I brought a towel over to sit on, I am not sure if my ass can take sitting on the bark of the log.”

“Jeremy you have one hell of a bubble butt so I am sure it will be fine.”

After hearing Carter talk and his observations of my ass I was sure he was gay, he was not directly coming on to me but he was nearing that mark. The evening was nice, crickets were nearby chirping and the sky was near fully dark.
Carter stood up and walked over to a stack of logs he had collected and threw a big log onto the fire, his shape was impressive looking with the flicker of the fire against his body. We chatted a while about different things over the next hour or so but about nothing much at all.

“I am headed to my tent and get some sleep, it’s early but I’m beat, there is no need for you to go to the other side of the lake tomorrow unless you really want to be alone, I’m fine with you being here.” Carter said as he stood up and stretched arching his back, my eye was drawn to the part that stuck out the most, his cock, it bounced around as he walked to his tent.

“G’night.” I said.

Carter turned on a camping light in his tent as he positioned himself on his sleeping bag, the lantern lit his shadow against the tent. I looked out at the dark lake and was thinking about going to lay down myself when I looked over to see a familiar movement going on, I could see the shadow of his hand on his erection pumping it gently up and down, I could not make out details but I could sure tell what was going on.
I stood up to go to my tent but my eye kept returning to the shadows dancing on the side of the tent, I could feel my cock starting to stiffen some.

“Just yell if you need help in there.” I called out.

The motion stopped the second I spoke and I heard Carter giggle a little.

“Sure, come on in.” he said.

I walked over and pushed back the tent flap to his large tent, the glow of the battery operated lantern lit his body well, he still held his hard cock in his right hand and had a big grin on his face.
I bent down and touched his chest while he lay still, I traced his nipples with my fingertip and up to his face touching his lips, and he kissed my finger as they brushed past. Carters hand felt between my legs and cupped my hanging balls, I touched his chest again and moved to his dark treasure trail following it to his thick bush of hair that surrounded his cock that stuck straight up in the air. I moved a bit and leaned over touching his cockhead with my tongue, teasing it and watching it pulse after being touched. I licked the underside of his cock down to his balls, his legs lifted a little instinctively allowing me a little more room to caress his privates.

I pulled one of his leg’s up finding  his rosebud running my fingertip over it causing  his body to  jerk, his leg hair matted with my spit as I licked the inside of his thighs up to his cock before taking it deep into my throat in one push causing Carter to gasp loudly. I bounced my throat up and down on his cock gasping for air when I could draw some in, Carters legs moved all around and at one point went over my shoulders and pulled me deeper onto his sexy rod.
My hand went up to is left nipple giving it a rough twist making it stiffen immediately, my eyes burned and watered from his thick meat reaming  my throat, I needed air but did not want to pull off until I absolutely had to.

I moved around and dangled my balls against his lips, my cock jutted out towards his chin as he licked my nuts and moved around trying to reach my shaft. I continued sucking his cock while I reached under him with both hands prying his ass cheeks apart and flicking at his asshole with my forefinger, Carter pulled my cock into his mouth and seemed at home gulping my shaft into his throat.
I lifted up and pulled my dick from his mouth and sat back onto his face with my fuck hole pushing on his mouth, in no time his tongue was pushing at my ass door while I rocked up and down on his face as he chewed my ass while he pulled my hips downward.  My cock bounced free in front of me and it was time I had some release, I moved down between his legs and pushed my stiff prick into his ass and drove it deep.

“Fuck me hard, Jeremy, Oh that feels so good.” Carter panted.

I didn’t need more of an invitation than that, I started drilling his ass with enthusiasm, I was hitting the side of the tent and thinking that it might pull it down around us but it held fast.
My cock exploded into his ass pumping my man juice deep inside him, as I shot I would ram my hips forward making my cock go as deep into him as I could. I pulled out and pushed his legs further forward until he was almost up on his shoulders, taking his vein bulging prick into my fist and pumped it tightly and as fast as I could bringing him to a summit within a couple of minutes.
Carter was panting and moaning loudly when he let the splash of cum hit him in the face, each rope of jizz after that flooded his face, it was running down his neck and into his open mouth, I have not seen a guy dump that much cum out at one time before. When he was spent, I let his legs down and dipped my finger into the cum on his face licking it from my finger.
Carter could only smile up at me, I leaned down and kissed his wet and salty face before I pushed a gob of cock juice deep into his mouth letting him suck the last of the goodness form my finger as I pulled it out.

Carter pulled me close making room for me to lay on top of his open sleeping bag next to him, we were quiet for a moment before Carter burst out laughing.

“What is so funny?”

“Nothing,” Carter said.

“Right, what are you laughing about?”

“Jeremy, I have to confess, I positioned the lantern in a way that you would see my shadow and I hoped it would get you horny enough to come in here with me.”

“You are one naughty camper, and I am glad you did, this was pretty hot, now turn out the light and let’s get to sleep.” I said as I poked Carter in the side.

The next morning I awoke with morning wood and Carter checking it out, he rolled over and kissed my dick a few times before he sucked it so intensely that I was gripping onto the edge of the sleeping bag holding on for the immense orgasm that I knew was on the way. Carter bobbed on my prick, my hips arched into the air as I filled his mouth with my life protein, he gulped at it hungrily.
Carter moved on top of me straddling my chest as he jacked off, my hands roamed his legs and back to his ass cheeks, I pulled him toward me a little so I could push a couple of fingers into his asshole which made him shoot his jizz onto my face and into my open mouth.
I leaned in and took his overly sensitive cock into my mouth sucking it making his body fold almost in half as he moaned out loud.

“Let’s go for a morning swim before breakfast.” Carter said as he ran from the tent.
Carter was splashing around in the water whooping and hollering before I get much past the tent flap, I ran for the lake, the water was quite cool but felt refreshing.

After swimming for a few minutes I walked over and picked up some wood to get a fire going to cook on.

“Wait, I brought a small propane burner, I can cook anything on it, sit and relax, let me do my thing and I’ll feed us both.”

I watched in amazement while Carter moved around in and out of the tent, he brought out eggs, a small carton of milk and some thick bread, before I knew what he was doing, he had French toast in the skillet.

“You brought milk, really?” I asked.

“Yeah, it is shelf stable real milk, safe without refrigeration until you open it, I splurge when it comes to breakfast.”

“You must have used a helicopter to bring all your supplies in.” I said laughing.

“Should have had an air drop but I really carried allot, it was a real workout, I stopped and rested twice and thought about spending the first night half way in.” Carter said.

We ate the delicious breakfast of French toast and bacon and broke out the fishing rods to try to catch some lunch. When you are naked, you need to really watch where the fish hooks go when the wind blows a little while you are prepping the hook with bait.  We caught a few fish which I volunteered to clean and fry, I made fun asking Carter if he had any tartar sauce to go with the fish and I almost expected him to say he did. I cooked two of the four potatoes that I had brought with me and we had an early lunch and retired to the shade of the nearby trees to nap for a while.

I woke up to Carter rubbing his fingers at the top of my ass crack, I moaned some to let him know I was into a good ass fucking, I arched my back toward him allowing him more space to move into place, I could feel his cock pushing at my butthole, he must have used some spit for lube and in his cock went inside me stretching my hole out and making me want him more than before.

Carter took the invitation but went down on my crack with his mouth, licking and chewing at my ass, I went to my knees and spread my knees apart. Carter lay on his back with his head between my knees  and licked at my dangling balls before I pushed my cock into his mouth, I began fucking his throat going deeper and deeper until he had swallowed my cock to the pubes.
Carter was jacking his cock while mine rammed his tonsils, Carter was getting close to cumming while I held back as long as I could and I let my load go into his mouth while I still fucked his throat. Carter was right behind me splashing his jizz all over his chest.

Carter fucking my ass was lost in the mix of the moment but it felt great anyway, I was really liking spending my vacation time with him even though I originally wanted peace and serenity by myself, who can find fault with a fuck buddy waiting on my arrival.

The few days we had flew by and before I knew it Carter had to pack up and hike out, I had one more day to spend alone. I got Carters phone number and promised to call him when I got home, it turned out we only live forty miles from each other. I spent the “alone time” thinking of Carter and how much sexy fun I had with him. I could not wait to get back home and plan a weekend together soon, I did call Carter and we were on the phone for two hours we met for dinner two weeks after being at the lake, and Carter invited me back to his place for the weekend where he made me feel so at home and I knew that I wanted to make more time in my life for Carter.


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