Monday, December 26, 2016

Straight Boyfriend

I have been watching this hot guy going to see his girlfriend who lives next door to me, he is older than me by about four years. His hair is dark and usually dresses in dark clothing I can’t stop looking through the blinds at his deep red lips, pale skin and dark eyebrows as he walks up the driveway.
I have waived at him a few times but not said more than hello to him a couple of times, once I was washing my car and he jokingly offered to help, my heart fluttered a bit as he walked past.
 I sometimes I get a boner and jack off as I watch from the side window into the side window of her house, it is always the same thing, they kiss then they sit and talk, sometimes she cooks for him, they hug and he goes home.
Today was different, they seemed to be arguing a little, he keeps grabbing at his crotch as he makes a point, he unbuttoned his pants and pulled out the biggest cock I have seen, he points at it and she pushed him away, he pulled her back toward him and she pointed toward the door.
I had my cock out and was hard as a rock looking at his big dong flopping around as he gestured to her, he must be saying how horny he was and she seemed to want no part of it.
He tucked his junk back in his jeans and walked out the door, he got into his Camaro and smoked his tires as he left.
I wasted no time and got to my car driving in the direction he left in, I drove past the mini mart and could see his red car at the next light, I followed him until he pulled into an apartment complex a couple of miles away.
Now what? I thought, I’ve followed him home, now what?
He was getting out of his car, I had to make my move and I got out and jogged up to within a few feet of him and slowed to match his pace.
“Hey Joey” I called out.
Joey turned to see me a few feet behind him and had a quizzical look on his face as if he was trying to figure out where he knew me from.
“Hey, uhmm.” He said unable to grasp my name.
“It’s David, I live next door to Donna.” I said quickly.
‘Oh, right, David, what’s up?”
“I saw you at the light and wanted to see if you wanted to hang out some.”
“What are you like 17 years old?” he asked.
“NO, I’m 20.”
“Oh, sorry, I guess I haven’t paid allot of attention, sure, come on in.”
We walked into his apartment, it had little furniture and it was dark with all of the blinds closed but at least the A/C was blasting cool air.
“Want a beer? Well I guess you are old enough, not quite legal but I’m sure you won’t say I gave it to you.”
“Sure, thanks.” I said as I took the cold beer letting my fingers glance across his.
I was checking Joey’s ass out as he sat on the couch, the only thing that there was to sit on.
“So what are you up to today?” I asked.
“Oh, nothing much, was over at Donna’s for a few.”
“Yeah? How did that go?” I asked.
“What do you mean? Oh, you must have seen me over there.”
“Well, yeah, our living room windows sort of are in alignment with each other and I can see right over.”
“Oh.” Then his eyes lit up and he looked right at me.
“Did you see me over there today, in the living room?”
I looked down at my feet and didn’t say anything.
“You did, you saw me with my prick hanging out? I was trying to get Donna to give me a blow job but she is frigid or some shit, won’t have sex at all, she never has.”
“Yeah, I kind of figured it out.”
“You were perving on me, why?”
“I, well, you are pretty hot and I think Donna should treat you better, you know, you have needs.”
“She will never understand a guy’s needs, are you gay?”
“Yeah, pretty much.”
“Pretty much? Have you, uhm, you know, jacked off watching me before?”
“Well, you are pretty hot, and I have needs of my own,”
“You followed me home? Why?”
“Well I saw you get rejected and I saw that big cock, figured you might like some attention on it.”
I saw Joey’s fingers move on the crotch of his jeans just a little, I decided to take action while I had the nerve, I got up and went to my knees in between his feet. I unbuttoned his jeans and pulled the fly wide open, my hand went to his cotton briefs and I could feel the heat from his crotch.
Joey moved his hand to mine and started to pull it away, I looked into his dark eyes and smiled.
“It’s okay.”
“I’m not gay, I mean, there is nothing wrong with being gay, I just am not into guys.” Joey said softly.
I pulled the elastic band of his briefs back getting a glimpse of the side of his cock log, in one more move I had his cock pulled out.
Joey leaned his head back into the back of the couch and lifted his hips sliding his pants past his knees, His pubic hair was dark brown, almost black, I brushed my lips against the tight curly hair and inhaled his scent.
I Pulled Joey’s shoes off followed by his pants and briefs, his bare legs went wide open, my hand ran up his legs to his low hanging ball sack, I took it in my hands feeling the weight of his balls moving inside.
I wanted to suck that big cock into my mouth but I needed to take it slow as not to miss the enjoyment, my nose went alongside of his cock as I buried my face deep into his crotch, his cock stiffened to its full majesty of over 9 inches. Joey pulled his black tee shirt over his head and tossed it onto the floor and was now fully naked, his light skin was hot and he seemed ready for action.
Moving my lips across his thick shaft and down to the swollen head of his cock, I licked it running my tongue under and back over the top, I could feel Joey lift his hips a little under my touch. For the first time I took his erection in my hand, it was so much larger than mine, I moved down on it with my lips while tugging at his balls.
In a movement I had half of his cock in my mouth and was working on swallowing the other half, it was all I could do to swallow it by trying to go directly down on it, I felt the outside of my neck and could feel that his cock was filling it and pushing on its constraints. My eyes watered but I did not pull off, I gagged and went farther until my lips were hitting his coarse dark pubic hair.
I bobbed on it getting more used to its size, my left hand went from his balls to his ass crack, as soon as he felt where my fingers were going, his hand went to pull mine away, I didn’t push it and went back to his balls.
“Holy fuck, that feels insane, I feel like I’m gonna blow my wad any second.”
I didn’t want that to happen I was worried that if he came, he would be done with me and escort me to the door. I squeezed the underside of his shaft at the base pushing a finger in tightly causing him to lose the feeling and give more time until he climaxed.
Joey moved around a bit and put one leg up on the couch and slid around some giving me more access between his legs, I moved his hip some trying to get him to flip over, he seemed reluctant, I lifted with more effort and rolled him over, he was now laying on his couch with his ass cheeks up, nice and plump too.
I moved down and pushed his ass cheeks apart, his hand went back immediately to push me away, I pushed past with my face and shoved my lips between his ass cheeks, I chewed and licked and chewed some more, he was going wild with the feelings of having me working on him. His ass arched up and I ate his ass with vigor while he moaned and moved around. After I got his ass so wet and wanting more, I slid a finger past his ass elastic into his hole, he didn’t have time to think or react before he found the delightful feeling of being fingered in the ass for the first time.
Joey pushed his ass against my finger, it was clear that he was enjoying it, so I slid in a second one, he gave a loud moan as I pushed both fingers as deep into his straight boy ass as I could.
I stood up and stripped off all of my clothes, my cock was not only stiff but had been seeping pre cum since about the time I came into his apartment. I slid one of his legs off of the couch so his knee was on the floor and climbed up behind him, I worked his ass for a while before I moved up and rubbed my hard cock along his ass crack, he must know where I was heading but he did not move to stop me. I rubbed the head harder and harder against his ass pucker before pushing it in, just the head at first until he pushed his ass back against my intruding prick.
I rubbed some spit on my cock and worked it into his hole, I slid it in slowly and pulled back before going for the full plunge, Joey moaned real loud as his virgin ass was fully impaled by my eager prick, I got a motion going and fucked this straight boy and had him panting for more when I shot a load of my hot cum into his ass.
I flipped him over and at this point had full control, he did not attempt to stop me as I moved my ass over his rock hard mammoth cock, I reached around with some spit on my hand rubbing it on the head of his cock before sliding down onto it. He gasped like a girl when I was able to sit fully on his cock and within moments I was riding him as I looked into his sexy face. My ass was stretched out more than ever before and felt as my ass was being torn apart.
I bounced up and down on his cock until he convulsed and shot his load, his eyes locked on my face while he shot his jizz into me, his cock became tender after shooting and he pulled me down onto his chest, my lips near his nipple, my tongue flicked it before I sucked it  while rubbing his other nipple, his chest was heaving from him breathing so hard.
His cock slid from my ass as I moved up higher, he kissed my neck before he thought about it and stopped abruptly. I moved some putting my weight on the couch arm and stood up, he stayed laying on the couch naked as I stood over him, my cock only a foot or so from his face, he reached up and touched it lightly.
“I’ve never touched another guys cock before.”
“I think today has been full of things that you’ve not done before.” I said with a smile.
“What about a shower?”
I followed him to the bathroom, he got out fresh towels and looked at me.
“You can shower first.” He said.
“Oh hell, I think we are past that, let’s both shower together I said as I opened the glass door to the shower and we stepped under the blast of fresh cool water. Joey squirted some shampoo into my hand, I soaped my hair before rubbing some suds onto his back and down into his ass crack, it was all becoming a little too real under the bright light of the bathroom, Joey turned thinking my fingers were about to go into his ass again.
My hands went to his chest, his slid down my wet body, he took my balls and cock into his hands encircling his fingers around them, he surprised me by going to his knees in the shower with his face inches from my cock, he pushed his tongue out and flicked at my dick before putting my cockhead into his mouth and sucking it a bit before standing and turning off the water.
We dried off and went back to the living room where our clothes were scattered over the floor, he looked uncomfortable and seemed unsure of what to do now.
“Well, I guess I should dress and go home, anytime you want to do this again, just let me know.” I said as I picked up my clothes.
“Fuck that, I want to grab a bite to eat and do this again tonight, if you want to, that is.” Joey said with a grin.
I walked over close to Joey and put my arm across his shoulder pulling him in for a hug, he kissed my neck again and I pulled back a little and kissed him softly on his lips.


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  19. Your stories are wonderful and descriptively written. However, your use of periods and commas and sentence structure could use some help. If you would care to, I would be happy to edit your stories for sentence structure. Let me know if I can help you. Of course everything will be private and discrete.
    Tom Silk

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