Sunday, January 15, 2017

Shirtless Sex God

I was at an outdoor market, the sun was out and it was hot, I sat under a large green umbrella at a table waiting for my lunch and sipping some iced tea, then I saw him.

He walked up from the street and leaned against the rail of the outdoor eatery, he had blue jeans on that were well worn and faded black tennis shoes and the best part was that he had no shirt on and this man was fucking built. I was looking at the muscles in his back as he leaned to one side as he talked to the hostess, she seemed to be explaining that since he had no shirt he could only dine in the outdoor area, not inside.

She walked toward me to seat him at a nearby table, my eyes went to his chest, my breathing slowed and I think my mouth was hanging open, his nipples were stiff and dark and I could not look away.

He sat across from me, and I could see past his menu he was reading, his arm muscles rippling as he moved and I could get a little glimpse of his arm pit hair sticking out, it made me hot for this guy’s dick.
The waiter took his order and brought him a drink, I tried not to look at him every second and maybe if he had a shirt on, I would not be so obsessed but his skin was golden and looked so smooth I don’t think he has pores at all.

He would look up now and then and see me looking at him, I would instinctively look away, but it was too late, he knew I was watching him so he flicked one of his nipples with his finger tip while he looked right into my eyes, I about jizzed my pants, his nipple went harder than it was before, I wanted to suck it into my mouth and bite that nipple hard.

He smiled at me and picked his drink up and moved over to my table sitting next to me, I sat there dumbfounded for a second, until he spoke.

“I figured you needed a closer look.” He said.

“Well, I’m happy that you joined me.” I said staring at his shoulders and arms.

I took a drink of my tea and tried to gain some self-respect back.

“I’m Kyle.” I said sticking my hand out to shake his.

“My name is Rob.”

He gave me a quick fist bump and took a sip of his drink.

“So, do you always stare uncontrollably at men everywhere you go?”

”Not everywhere.”

Well, that did not come out very good, I kind of sounded like a slut. I thought.

“You just sort of caught my eye standing out there waiting to be seated.”

The waiter brought my food out and looked at the empty table Rob was at and set my food down in front of me.

“Your food will be out in a couple of minutes.” The waiter said to Rob and disappeared into the restaurant.

“Please, eat, mine will be here shortly.” Rob said.

I started eating my club sandwich and fries when Rob reached over and took a fry from my plate and smiled as he pushed it between his lips as he smiled.

“So what are you out doing half naked today?”

“It is too nice of a day to have a shirt on and I was passing and wanted some lunch and thought I would come grab a bite.”

“Looking all hot and distracting to the customers.” I said with a smile.

“I think you were the only one that was distracted.”

The waiter brought Rob’s lunch and I busted out laughing, it was the same thing I had ordered, I reached over and took a fry from his plate and dipped it in my catsup.
We finished eating while making small talk, Rob reached to my thigh and gave it a squeeze before running his fingertips up to my crotch, I looked around quickly but no one seemed to be paying attention.

“Let’s go.” Rob said as he stood.


“Really? You are all hot and bothered and lusting after my chest" He said as he tossed some bills on the table.

“I got the bill and tip, we don’t have to wait on the waiter to bring the bill.”

"We don't?"

I followed him out the gate and across the street to the park, the fine light hair on his lower back glistened in the sun, Rob stopped and looked at me for a second.

“Take your shirt off Kyle, it’s a beautiful day, let the sun hit your chest.”

“I don’t have as sexy a chest as you do, no six pack or anything.” I said.

Rob reached the waist of my shirt and peeled it over my head and tucked it into my back pocket.

“There, and your chest is great looking, you don’t have to have a six pack to take your shirt off.” Rob said as he reached over and tweaked one of my nipples with his fingertips.

I jumped back a little as he took me off guard, we walked around the park some before Rob stopped and pulled me close, kissing me on the lips.

“Let’s go to my place and have a little workout.”

“Yeah? Workout huh?” I said with a smile.

“Yeah I am gonna give you one hell of a workout.” Rob said as he walked through the other side of the park and toward the street.

We walked a few blocks in the warm spring sun to an apartment building, Rob unlocked the door and I followed him to the elevator and up to the fourth floor. His apartment had huge windows like a loft apartment that was made out of an old open floor factory with a scattering of furniture, the walls were few, and it was mostly a huge open single room.

Rob walked over near some gym equipment and stripped his shoes and pants off, I did the same laying mine over a side chair. He pulled me over to a bench and asked me to push up on the bars to see what I could press for weight. It felt funny, I was laying back on the bench naked in front of this hot guy while he put small weights on the bar.

I looked up at his cock and balls dangling above and just back from my head as he spotted the weight bar so it would not choke me if it slipped. I pumped a few times up and down before resting it back on the bar. I lay there for a moment breathing a little hard when Rob walked around and lifted my legs and went down on my cock, sucking it to my balls, his finger went up my ass and fingered my hole roughly before pulling back and grabbing some lube. He flipped me over on the bench and lubed his stiff cock and pushed some into my ass before pushing his cock into my fuck hole.

“Oh, fuck Rob that feels huge, fuck me hard.”

“I fully intend on ripping that ass up!”

He moved forward, hunched over my back with  a bit his weight on me, Rob reached around my neck pulling my head back while he fucked me, it was purely a domination thing, I let it happen and liked it.  Rob fucked me while talking dirty in my ear telling me that I was his fuck boy and he would use my ass as he wanted.

“Take my ass, use it Rob.”

He reached up and pulled my hair holding my head back and to one side while he ripped my ass up with his rock hard cock using me like his property.
Rob fucked me hard while my stiff cock pressed hard into the weight bench, my balls ached under the pressure and my asshole was on fire.

I panted hard while getting my ass reamed by this sexy man, he wanted me and used my ass for his pleasure but it was also my pleasure too, my hands gripped the edge of the bench as I held on tightly, sweat was trapped between my chest and the bench seat, I wondered how many naked guys he had pinned down to this very bench before me.

Rob pulled my hair back even tighter than before as he groaned while he started shooting his spunk into my ass, I arched my back and pushed back as hard as I could, his body jerked and moved as his throbbing cock spewed the last of his jizz into me.

Rob pulled out and grabbed a nearby towel to clean off his crotch before he flipped me over and left me laying on my back on the same bench, my feet flat on the floor and my legs open, he took a bottle of lube and put on about twice the amount needed onto my cock and started jacking my cock.

I reached down to touch my balls but Rob’s hand pushed mine away, Rob got onto his knees near my feet while me gripped my cock firmly in his fist, my cock was so hard and the feelings stirring inside my balls left me begging to cum.

Rob pulled at my balls with his spare hand while jacking my cock at high speed, my legs moved around as did my shoulders, I could not hold still, I felt like I was already shooting and my cock was so sensitive I had to call out.

“Make me cum, Rob, please make me cum.”

I was nearly frantic and needed to cum badly, this man was sending me over the sexual edge, my hips bucked off of the weight bench seat while I panted and moaned quite loudly.

“Okay, let’s get you shooting that load Kyle.”

Rob used more pressure on my cock and increased the speed even more, the lube was making crackling noises as he jacked me off, it took only seconds more of this intense palm fucking to get me to blow my load.

“Oh FUCK, ohhhh,, fuck, I’m cumming, ohhh,, jeez.." I yelled out as my cum flew through the air hitting my face, lips and all over my chest.

I blasted out more cum than ever, Rob took my cock into his mouth and sucked with all his might, I near passed out with the sensitive pain-pleasure with the last couple of jets Rob pushed two fingers into my ass making it that much more intense.

I lay there breathing quite hard while Rob stood and looked at me, he smiled and took my hand and walked me to the shower, we stepped under the cool water washing the sweat and cum off, I took Rob’s thick soft cock into my hand and brought it hard again with a few strokes.

I went to my knees in front of him while the water splashed over us both and took his cock into my mouth, Rob put his hands on the back of my head and pulled me tight onto his fat cock, I choked some as my chin was touching his balls, his whole cock was down my throat, my eyes watered while he throat fucked me allowing little time to gasp for breath.

He pulled my head back for a moment to watch as he pushed my head back onto his shaft, it vanished inside me inch by inch, and he seemed to like watching it go inside my throat. Water ran down his chest and his pubes before running across my lips and off of my chin.

Rob arched his back some and used fucking motions while he unloaded his second load of jizz into my body, on the last shot of cum he held my head tightly against his crotch as his body jerked and his knees buckled slightly.

I pulled off of his throbbing cock and pulled in a good lung full of air while I stood up, I put my arms around him and pulled him close, he kissed my lips and turned off the water.

Rob took a fresh towel from the closet and dried me off, head to toe while he dripped all over the floor, he took special attention to my balls while I just stood there and once I was dry, he took a towel and dried himself off, I watched as the white towel dried the water off of his sexy chest, I leaned in and kissed one of his nipples giving it a small bite.

We walked to his bed and cuddled for about 20 minutes talking about little things, I traced the lines of his chest and touched his soft cock as he asked me if I wanted to go to dinner later this evening, of course, I said yes.
I found that afternoon that I liked having a dominate man in the bed, when we were not having sex he was much more loving and had a softer presence with me.


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