Friday, April 27, 2018

Club Blue

My friend Jai has been a manager for a gay restaurant and dance club called Connections, for several years, he has told me so many stories of guys flashing him, dancing naked and even having sex on the dance floor. He said that they were expanding into a basement section of the building and mentioned that it will be a member’s only section and it would be opening soon, but really did not go into detail about the specifics on the use of the space.
Grand opening of the basement area known as Club Blue was by invitation only and when you applied for a membership, it had to be approved by a group that would easily not approve you if you did not fit into the “type” of guy they were looking for which kind of turned me off, it was too clickish.
The invitation was merely a golden poker chip that had the name Club Blue on it in blue ink, it was like the Willy Wonka golden ticket and would get one person into the club, it seemed to be all the gays were talking about. The chips were mailed to certain people (such as me) and the rest were given out to specific type of guys as they entered the club or as they danced on the dance floor. Some guys were put out a bit because a friend that was with them got one and they did not, but the grand opening was to be really exclusive.

Jai is a sexy lean blond 31 year old who was usually surrounded by a scattering of sweet looking young men, we have been friends for years and he usually gets me into some kind of trouble when we hang out together. I had asked him about Club Blue several times but he would only say that I needed to wait, attend and see for myself.

The night of the opening had finally arrived and the air was electrically charged in the regular part of the club it and the new section Club Blue would not open until 11:00 PM, and already the line had started near the door and they did not even know what they would find inside. At 11:00 Jai stood before the door and started collecting the golden chips allowing each man to enter Club Blue, as you descended the steps, you could hear the music pumping form the new sound system, and at the bottom the lights filled the room with color and motion.

Inside there was a long bar that was staffed by four bartenders with gogo boys that were perched in key positions around the club dancing to the music, waving and greeting the new guests.The key to the staff is they were all naked except for tennis shoes or black construction boots, the bartenders the cocktail servers and the gogo boys and they looked as if they were each picked from underwear advertisements or muscle magazines.
Most men filed onto the dance floor and some went to the bar, each could purchase a bracelet that is used for payment and tips and could be scanned by the staff at any position. I followed the flow of men into the huge area near the bar, a nude cocktail server stepped over selling me a prepaid bracelet and took my drink order, it was kind of hot having this sexy guy taking my drink order and I was sure to watch his naked butt cheeks wiggle as he turned and walked toward the bar.

The opening was being shown over closed circuit flat screens around the original upstairs bar and dance floor to allow the hype to get to the ones that did not get a golden token to get inside Club Blue. The opening was going great, Jai looked less stressed than before and was greeting the guests as he walked through the club, there was once gogo boy that was giving out random prizes like prepaid bracelets with a twenty dollar value, tee shirts, and blue jocks with the words Club Blue across the front of the waist band.

Customers were having great time, the cocktail servers and the gogo boys seemed to be getting groped allot, there was one bouncer that would warn anyone getting out of hand once, the second time, they were ejected for the night, Jai said the policy would be if you were asked to leave twice within a six month time frame, it would cancel your club annual membership.

A black bartender named Ty, a real stud, who’s muscles really shown when the low light reflected off of them, each movement seemed like a wet dream to those who watched and Jai seemed to really like him. I saw Jai patting his ass a few times and once Ty moved Jai’s hand to his balls while he looked right into Jai’s face.

Each Club Blue employee had their name written on their chest with a light blue sharpie in a fancy script and all were smiling allot, I think most of them were exhibitionists, some were pretty close to getting hard and all were hustling their asses off doing a great job at mixing drinks, serving the drinks or dancing for the customers.

The DJ was cranking out the tunes as he welcomed everyone to the dance floor, the fog machine belched out opaque plumes and the lights slashed through the room full of sexy men dancing close to each other.
I sipped my drink and walked to a table near the edge of the dance floor, where one of the gogo boys took me by the hand, I hardly had time to set my drink down, he led me to the center of a group of men dancing, pulling me close and ground his thick cock onto the front of my jeans as he leaned his torso back. I placed my hands on his hips and went for It, I thought this was as hot as it would get until he turned around and bent over while dancing, pushing his bare ass against my crotch, I again took his hips and mock fucked him while the crowd watched and cheered.
Jai came out and rescued me, even though I was having the time of my life with this cute nude dancer.

“How are you doing?” Jai asked.

“This is fucking awesome, what a concept, nude staff, and I have changed my mind about the exclusive club membership, this is great!” I shouted near his ear over the music.

“I have been working on it for months trying to convince the owners to let me do all this and I finally won them over.”

“Did the owners show up tonight?” I asked.

“Yeah, one is chasing after a gogo boy and one of the bartenders is the boyfriend of one of the owners, I had to agree to give him the job but he really is hot looking and a great bartender so it really worked out.”

“I saw you playing with that bartender’s ass over there too, he is pretty hot.”

“Well, I have to admit that I was having fun with him but I came over here because I wanted to be with you Aaron.” Jai said quietly in my ear.

“Me?” I asked.

“Yes, and I have something for you too.”

Jai reached into his pocket and handed me a golden poker chip but this one was different, it was incrusted with faux jewels.

“I am already in here, what is this for?”
“I am giving out six of these tonight, each is good for an annual membership to Club Blue, and I want to give them to special guys.”

“And I am a special guy to you, I mean other than a friend?”

“You are the most special guy, more than any guy in the room.”

I gave him a funny look and he pulled me into a hug.

“Lately I have been thinking about how much you mean to me, I know we have always been friends and never more, but I would like to explore being more to you than just a friend if you like the sound of that.”

“Oh, I never knew you had eyes for me, I have always been envious of the guys that you hung out with.”

“Well, I want to hang with you and by hang, I mean I would like to see if we can be a couple.” Jai said.

“Really? You don’t think this will fuck up our friendship?” I asked.

“Aaron, I don’t know what to say, but I am pretty excited about the whole idea, I would like to get to know you in a romantic way too.”

“Look Jai, you like to play with all the boys and sleep around allot, I am just not sure this would work.”

“Aaron, I have always liked you, you were with that fuck shit guy you called a boyfriend, I was so happy when you threw him out a few weeks ago and I did not want to be too late again. I needed to say something before some other lucky guy snapped you up.”

“You make it sound like I am a catch; I am just plain old me.”

“Aaron, you don’t see the same guy that I see, you are very kind, you never talk shit about other guys, hell, you won’t even say anything about the boyfriend you just dumped.”

“I didn’t really dump him, I just asked him to move out, and things were not going as well as they should have been.”

“See? That’s what I mean, he cheated on you and you still won’t call him out for the slut he is.”

I looked at my golden coin and smiled, thanking him for the bling. Jai leaned in and kissed my lips.

“I will catch up with you in a bit, don’t leave without seeing me again please?”

“Okay, go tend to the masses, this is really a fun club.”

“Thanks babe.” Jai said as he turned and put on his party face.

Babe? I thought, still I was not sure about this romantic change to our relationship.
I looked around checking out the guys, quite a few of them were friends, I also knew one of the gogo boy’s I caught his eye and he moved my way, it was a bit strange seeing Luke standing in front of me naked, we had gone to the lake and skinny dipped before but this was different, I was dressed and he was working.

“Hey Aaron, what do you think about the club?”

“Luke, hell man, look at you all naked, did you know this when you took the job?”

“Yeah, but we were all sworn to secrecy, we came in last week and did our first naked run through, we actually partied in here for hours, it’s pretty hot.”

“I had no idea this was in the works, do you like being naked with all these guys looking at you and trying to touch you?”

“Oh hell yeah! I love it, the tips are fucking great, they like to touch my ass as I pass or will try to grab my cock while I dance near them, it keeps me half hard all the time.” Luke said.

“Yeah, I can see that, and you sure have the body for it, all the staff does.”

“Thanks, he tried to pick guys with different body types and sizes, some are hairy and some shaved smooth like me.” He said while he ran his hand down his chest to his cock absently toying with it a little.

“Well, you look great, what is that bracelet?”

“Guy’s can have a cocktail waiter scan my bracelet to tip me off of a customer’s account bracelet, they all work and interact with the computers and the portable scanners the waiters have.”

“That’s incredible, so they can tip you only if you are close by?”

“Yeah, they can allow the waiter to tip me too but then the waiters have to come find me to let me go thank them for the tip, we will dance with or by them for a few minutes for the tip.”

‘You had better get back to work before Jai comes over and gets after you.”

“Jai is a kitten, he is so sweet.”

I had finished my drink and waved at my cocktail waiter, he headed over and ordered a fresh drink for me on his little tablet and scanned my bracelet for payment, I had him add a tip for himself and a tip for my friend and gogo dancer Luke.
They had a computer that was self service near the door where you could order a drink and pick it up at the bar, tip staff by name or you could add more money to your bracelet directly from your credit card.
Jai took my drink from the server and brought it over himself, I think he just wanted another chance to kiss me, at first it seemed odd kissing him but it became more and more pleasant as the night went by.

“I think the club is a hit, you will have your hands full trying to tell wanna-be members that there is a limit to the numbers of memberships.”

“Well, I think if there are any slow nights we might let out single visit passes to allow people that don’t want to pop for the twenty dollar monthly or two hundred dollar annual membership.” Jai explained as he leaned in and touched my shoulder.

I looked at Jai while he scanned the room; he looked so intent in making sure his guests were all having a good time without getting handsy with the naked staff, not too much anyway.
His skin was near perfect and the more I looked at him the more I wanted to grab him and kiss him deeply, I decided to act on my impulse and leaned over into his gaze putting my lips against his, I put my hand behind his neck pulling him closer when his tongue pushed deep into my mouth.
Jai’s hand reached my backside caressing my ass cheeks running his hand from the small of my back to the point where my jeans curved into my ass crack between my legs. I think there may be something between us after all I thought and could feel my cock was starting to thicken and move inside my pants.

The night was finally over when the last guest left Club Blue, the staff, still naked was cleaning up and wiping down tables like a nude male maid service, they were all busy telling each other about the incidents that had happened earlier that night, guys grabbing their balls, rubbing their asses and the one guy that gave a gogo boy a one hundred dollar tip from one flirty guest.
Jai came by and asked me to go home with him, at his house he made us a light snack of some fresh chicken sandwiches and a beer, he sat near me on the couch, his hand moved to my thigh as he spoke, he was still very high on the success of the club but his talk slowed as his hand rose toward my crotch.

He buttoned my jeans and slid his hand inside my briefs, my heart pounded while Jai touched the bare skin of my private parts, my cock sprung at his touch and hardened in a moment. I lifted my ass as Jai slipped my jeans to my ankles and pulled my shoes and jeans off putting them aside, I pulled my shirt over my head and was now sitting in front of Jai completely naked.
His eyes scanned my body and rested on my chest, his finger trailed down the scar that runs down the center of my chest, he leaned in and kissed it several times.

“What happened here?” Jai asked.

“I had heart surgery a couple of years ago, everything is alright now, no biggie but the scar bothers me a little.”

“Aaron, it is part of you and what happened to you, it is your history and we all have scars, some are not as visible as yours is, some are deep inside of us from things that happened while we grew up.”

Jai stood up and took his shirt off, then his pants giving me an up close view of his cock as it sprung away from the confining fabric. I reached up taking his balls into my hand, they were warm and moist.
Moving forward I pushed my nose into his pubes, his thick cock against my chin, I held him close with my hands around caressing his backside. I pulled back enough to take his cock into my mouth savoring this moment knowing there was only one first time exploring Jai’s cock and balls.

There was no hurry here, we took our time and moved slowly but my heart was still racing. Jai took my hand and led me to his bedroom, I moved onto my stomach allowing him to climb on top of me, he kissed my shoulders and down my back to the top of my butt, his tongue darted in and out of my ass crack, it was hard to hold still as the feeling was ticklish and so very erotic and wonderful.
He moved a little farther down and pushed his tongue between my legs and licked my balls and up to my ass pucker before he went wild eating and chewing my ass, I lifted my hips and went to my knees giving him all the room he needed.
My ass was wet with his saliva, he pushed a finger into my hole while he continued chewing while he finger fucked my ass, I was panting now needing more.

“Fuck me Jai, I want you inside me, fuck me hard.” I pleaded.

Jai wasted no time in dominating me, he moved in tight behind my backside and pushed his stiff man rod into my ass, I cried out in pleasure when he was fully inside me, he pushed hard against my ass while I pushed back against him.
“Your ass is so tight baby, it feels wonderful, like you are gripping my cock with your ass muscles, mmm baby your ass is so fuckably hot.” Jai whispered.
He fucked me hard and long, I was moaning and groaning wanting more and more of him inside of me. Right when Jai was about to cum, he pulled out and jacked his cock splashing cum all over my back and into my ass crack, just as the last was coming out he pushed his cock back into my ass and went a few more pumps before pulling out, he took his thick cock and slapped it against my wet worn asshole a few times like he owned it.
Jai moved off of me and slapped my ass with a hard smack, before he flipped me over and dove onto my straining cock. Jai sucked it hard, and I knew I would not last long like this, he tugged at my nuts pulling them so hard I thought he would rip them off and at the same time he started squeezing them, tightly, the pain about stopped my cum from coming but oddly it seemed to intensify my sexual feelings more than it would have without it.
I felt like Jai was in charge of my orgasm more than I was, he took me to the edge and held it there until I could take no more, my jizz blasted into his mouth and throat causing him to gulp it down as fast as he could.
Jai moved up next to me, his head on my pillow, I looked into his green eyes, the warmth of his face made me feel very comfortable and secure.
“Wanna go again?” Jai asked, my breathing still heavy from cumming in his mouth, I could only smile and kiss him he looked so adorable.
I could feel the heat coming off of his chest, I reached over and touched his shoulder and ran my hand down his side to his hip. I think he was right, there was more here than just the friendship we have had in the past, I was beginning more anxious to take the next steps into seeing where this relationship will go but I do not want to lose him as a friend no matter what.

“What do you want to do tomorrow?” I asked.

“Well after we shower and I make us a great breakfast and you do the dishes, we could go to the farmers market and explore some if you want.”

“Oh, I get to do the dishes huh?”

“Yeah, well I’ll help, a little.” Jai said with a sly grin.

“So if I am spending the night I will have to run home for a toothbrush and change of clothes for tomorrow.”

“I but toothbrushes by the six pack, and I can find something of mine that you can were, or better yet, we stay in all day and I can keep you naked.”

“Wow, you’ve got this all planned out don’t you?” I said as I poked him in the ribs causing him to jump.

I stared at his near flawless face, his green eyes sparkled as he talked and I loved seeing the little twist to his lips when he was getting ready to say something funny and he had problems keeping a straight face, one side of his mouth would curl up a bit as his lips tightened.
I pushed my finger past his lips and into his mouth and across his tongue, I pulled him closer and kissed him slow and long, I wanted him to know that this was a kiss that meant something.
Jai rolled over on top of me, I could feel his cock pressing on mine, as he moved while kissing me and running his hands over my shoulders and cupping my head as he looked into my eyes. He started gyrating his crotch on mine and I could feel thickness growing on his cock, the grin on his face was like that of a kid trying to get what he wanted by turning on his boyish charm, and guess what, it was working, my cock was as stiff as ever mashing against his.

He slid down, kissing my chest then my belly and on to my cock, kissing it and sucking at my balls Jai pushed my legs apart and then moved his hands under them pushing my legs up and dropping his lips to my ass crack, he bit at my hole while I lifted my ass into the air giving him more room to pleasure his tongue.
Jai took both hands to my crack spreading my cheek apart while pushing his thumbs against my fuck hole and then pushing them both in at once spreading them before shoving his tongue deep into my ass.
He gnawed and growled while he chewed my ass like it was his only desire in the world; he pushed my legs higher into the air and towards my face, my ass was sticking up, he smacked my asshole gently several times. Jai spat on his fingertips and pushed two of them into my ass lubing it up for his thick shaft to fuck me again.

I looked between my legs at Jai, his face looked serious like he was really concentrating on the task at hand, he took his thick cock into his hand and slapped it on my asshole a couple of times before he pointed the head right at my fuck hole and pushed it right in to his pubes in one push, he looked into my face and fucked me while telling me how hot I was and how tight my ass was.
Jai fucked me harder and harder and about the time he started cumming, I reached up and twisted his nipples roughly, making him moan loudly and a moment later he fell forward onto my chest kissing me as his cock slid out of my ass.

I snuggled in against Jai’s side after he rolled off of me, it was after four in the morning and he fell deep asleep in moments while I was reflecting on the night’s highlights, the club was really well thought out and a fun place to have a membership, Jai telling me that he wanted more than being a friend to me and the great sex with this hot man, I felt good, no I felt fucking great.
I watched him sleep, inspecting his face, the curve of his eyebrows, he was at such peace while sleeping this deep, I leaned over and kissed his nose and fell asleep by his side. I woke the next morning from the sun shining into the window, opening my eyes looking into Jai’s face only this time he was fully awake and smiling at me.

“What do you think about going out for a hearty breakfast?” Jai asked.

“I thought you were going to cook for us? Well, I have other ideas and maybe we can go out for breakfast afterward.”

I flipped the sheets back and looked at Jai’s chest, running my finger down it to his treasure trail and beyond taking his hefty cock into my hand giving it a few gentle strokes watching it thicken and grow under my touch. Jai rolled to his back while my fingers traced the outlines of his balls and then back to his cock, it was not laying on his belly but so rigid it stood off of his skin by a couple of inches straining and letting a thin string of pre cum fall from his cockhead to his skin.
I leaned over and touched his cock slit with my tongue tasting Jai’s nectar, pulling it upright I took his shaft into my mouth, slowly sucking it tenderly at first and then fully swallowing his cock to his pubic hair, letting it brush my lips. Jai pulled at my leg towards his body, I moved a knee on his other side of him in sixty-nine, my balls now dangling in his face and my cock bouncing off of his chin.
He sucked my cock while he fingered my ass, I was holding off cumming until I tasted the flood of his semen across my tongue, and then I released my own juice to Jai’s mouth, we both sucked until we each were spent.
I lay my weight on him, my face on his leg with my lips against his balls, it felt good to be with this man, very good.

“Let’s take a shower and I will take you out to a huge breakfast and we can plan the day from there.”

“Sounds great, angel, I can’t say the shower will be short though.” Jai said with a chuckle.

Jai fucked me hard against the shower wall while I moaned and called out for more, I did not want this to stop, we kissed under the spray of the water, as it ran down our bodies sparkling in the light before slid out of sight down the drain. I dried him off; we dressed and headed a few miles down the road to breakfast.
We continued seeing each other several times a week for a few months until Jai asked me to move in with him, since that day we have now been together for four years and have never been happier. Jai still works for the club which has grown in popularity most of it due to Jai’s hard work and dedication. I look forward to growing old with this sweet man, sharing our lives, years and memories with each other forever.


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