Sunday, August 12, 2018

College Exposure

I was in college and had been going through my daily studies and sitting in classes with the thought of not getting it, just not passing the classes. I did not have time or the money to re take classes if I failed, so study was at the top of my list. I had not been dating just to avoid distraction and distraction was huge here, the guys are so fucking hot I would stay on my knees most of the time if I did not stay focused.
At semester change I had a new class, it was one I had to take but had no interest in, my mind wandered and I looked to the right, there was a guy that was sexy looking and was wearing basketball shorts that were silky and loose fitting, I was looking at his legs when my eyes glanced to his face, he was fully watching me, looking directly at me. FUCK! I looked away quickly and went back to listening to the mindless babble from the instructor.

My eyes would not stop wandering back to his legs, I would look at his face, well tanned with dark hair, I licked my lips absently and he looked at me again and again I looked away.
A few moments later, I looked back at his hairy legs thinking of how much I would love to see him naked and for him to wildly mount me and fuck my ass so hard it would hurt for days. His hand moved to his leg as he rubbed his knee, sliding his shorts leg up a little as he moved his hand up his thigh but he did not stop there, he pushed the fabric up farther and then I saw the tip of his cock, I froze, fuck that is hot.
I looked at his face and he was looking right at me again, quickly I looked away but hell, he had done this for me to see so I looked back, he pushed the fabric as far as it would go and now his cock was fully exposed, I looked around and found that he was not in the line of sight for anyone else to see.

His cock thickened and was three quarter hard and he was waving it back and forth, it slapped the underside of the table, my cock went hard in my jeans, as I watched him start stroking it and within a few strokes, it was fully rock hard.
His thumb rubbed across his cockhead while he watched the instructor knowing that I was squirming in my chair, my raging cock wanted released from my briefs and was pushing hard at a fold of fabric, I had to adjust it and lifted off of my seat grabbing a handful of the crotch of my jeans and tugging at it to make enough space for my enlarged cock.

Looking back, he was flicking his piss slit open with his finger, in my mind I was on my knees under his table with his cock in my throat, ready to take his load and anything else he wanted to do to me. He was so sexy and clearly into exhibition and I would love to see him nude, I was sure his chest was amazing.

He moved his hand to his mouth and spat into his palm taking it directly back to his cockhead and started jacking off while I watched; only glancing up occasionally to see that the instructor had not noticed what was going on back here. I could tell he was getting close to cumming as his movements were getting jerkier and I could hear his breathing getting more rapid and short.

And then it happened, he held his left hand in front of his cockhead as he shot his cum into his left palm, some f it missed and went to the floor and I could actually hear it splat as it hit the tile. His right hand slowed until it stopped and he tucked his cock back into his shorts leg and pulled the leg of his shorts back down fully.

I watched as he moved his left hand that held a pool of his cum in it towards his mouth and he licked it mostly clean in one movement, next he put his hand into his shorts pocket and I could see the motion that he was cleaning the rest of his jizz onto the inside of his pocket.
The class just finished and everyone was getting up to leave, there was plenty of chatter and noise as I stood up, I looked at my crotch, there was a large wet spot in the front of my jeans to the right of my fly, I had jizzed in my briefs without even touching myself at all, his show was all I needed.

I held my book in front of my fly blocking the dark spot as I walked out last. In the hallway I could only see the back of his head as he was thirty or so people ahead of me. I tried desperately to catch up but lost him in the crowd as the other classes let out into the hallway also.
I went to a stall in the men’s room and tried to clean up some but ended up taking my briefs off and balling them up in my backpack as I had a large amount of cum in them and was now swinging free but still had a wet spot in my jeans. What the fuck, I hit the hallway again and didn’t really care about covering it.

At lunch I scanned the crowds of the students all breaking in different directions for pizza, tacos and all of the normal college kid food types. I did not see him again and the next day in that same class, there he was, I moved over to sit in the same seat as yesterday across from him and some bitch sat her ass in my seat. I had to sit all the way in the back of the room, the guy from yesterday looked back at me, I gave him a nod and he got up and moved back next to me.

As he sat at the table he leaned over and in a deep voice said Danny, I looked at him and said my name is Zac. He sat there and listened to the instructor, hell with that, I wanted to see his cock in action again.
After a few minutes, Danny leaned over and tapped my arm. I looked at him and he gave a motion for me to do something, I gave him a quizzical look and he made hand motion of jacking off and pointed at my crotch.
Fuck, he wanted a show, I’ve never done anything like that and was wearing jeans and a thick belt that would make things difficult, I slowly unbuckled my belt, I took it clear off and quietly rolled it up and slipped it into my backpack, I unbuttoned my jeans and pushed my briefs down the best I could and lifted my ass a bit to push my jeans down a bit so I could pull my cock out.

Danny watched as I struggled to free my prick and I mimicked what he did yesterday, I jacked it with my left hand so he had full view, spat into my hand and as I was jacking off, I looked and saw his cock was hard in his silky shorts and clearly lifting and pushing against the fabric. He moved his hand inside the leg of his shorts and was rubbing the tip of his prick with his fingertips. I was getting very close to shooting my load as I gave a final look around the room, sure that no one other than Danny could see me, I let it go and as the cream jetted into my hand, I let out a small cry that I could not stifle, the instructor looked at me for a second before continuing his talk.

My right hand was full of cum and I looked at Danny who put his right hand out for me to shake his hand with mine, I did. As we shook hands, I transferred most of my jizz into his hand. Danny moved his right hand to his mouth and licked it clean, taking my jizz into his mouth and smiling at me. I wiped my hand onto my jeans leaving my hand sticky but it dried fairly fast.
I got up and walked out of the classroom alongside of Danny, his cock was not hard but was full and bounced against his shorts.
“I need that in my mouth.” I said softly.

“Dude, I’m not gay.” Danny replied.

I looked at him for a second when he finally broke into a huge smile showing his white teeth.

“Just kidding” Danny said laughing.


“Your cum was tasty.” Danny said as he slid his hand into my back left pocket and left it there while we walked.

I have never been much for public displays of affection but hell, this is college and being openly gay is pretty much accepted.

“Meet me back here for lunch?” I asked.

“Sure thing, I look forward to it.”

We walked off in different directions; my thoughts were fully on Danny the rest of the time until I saw him standing there at lunch time waiting for me.

“What would you like to eat?”

“You.” I said with a smile.

“Let’s go to my car and get away from campus.”

We drove a bit and pulled into a parking lot and Danny stopped his car and slid his shorts to his knees, I wasted no time and was on his cock which was bigger than the day before than it looked before not that it is out in the open. I sucked him while I played with his balls; he pushed on the back of my head some while he coaxed me on telling me how great it felt.
I bobbed on his cock for a few more minutes before he blew his jizz into my mouth, the salty taste flooded my tongue as I gulped it down. Danny leaned over and kissed me tasting his own spunk flavor that was in my mouth.

“Now let’s go for pizza.” Danny suggested.

“That sounds wonderful.”

We pulled in at a local pizza place a few minutes later, I slid into one side of the booth and Danny followed me sitting right next to me instead of across from me sliding his left thigh against my right.
I looked into his face his dark lashes danced almost to a squint when he smiled, it felt very easy with him and just went with the flow, drinks and later the pizza was delivered to our table where we enjoyed it and the company of each other. After a quick chat about what classes we had to be at, both needed to hurry back to campus a few blocks away.

That afternoon I met Danny at the same place as I did at lunchtime but this time I was there first, he walked up, he casually tossed his arm over my shoulder as we walked to the parking lot chattering away about something silly that happened in his last class. I asked Danny to follow me to my house where I turned on some music and took him by the hand leading him to my bedroom where I undressed him, he let me do it all and removing his clothing one button at a time dropping the garments onto a chair near the bed.

Danny stood before me fully naked; his toned body fed my eyes like drugs would to an addict, his arms and shoulders rippled with smooth natural muscles making my knees weak. He flopped down on my bed face down with his legs spread wide; he reached under himself and pushed his cock back between his legs. We had not talked about who would be a top or a bottom, his position sort of took me off guard, I was thinking that he would clearly be a top but this worked for me.

I dove in on top of him, my face between his ass cheeks, licking his cock and balls that protruded from under him. I started biting his ass, then spreading his cheeks with my fingers and pushed my tongue against his ass hole chewing it some. He arched his back and I licked his entire ass crack before pushing a finger into his tight hole, he pushed back and I made room for a second finger fucking his ass while watching from only inches away.

I stripped off my clothes and moved in between his legs to his ass, I applied lube to my fingers and pushed them back into his hole, greasing the entrance for my hard cock. He was more muscular than me so it was really hot to look at his shoulders and back while I plunged my prick into him that first thrust.

“Fuck me baby. I need your hot cock in me.” Danny cried out.

I fucked him hard from the first moment until I was nearing climax, I leaned farther over putting my arm around his neck pulling him back onto me, my thrusts could not go as deep as before in this position but I was possessing him, not really choking him but definitely taking command of him and he seemed to like it. I shot my load and flipped him over taking his cock into my mouth, I sucked him off while he made animalistic noises as I swallowed his cum, I did not want to confuse the roles by letting him fuck me at this point, if he was even interested in that.

I made dinner for us, and asked Danny if he wanted to spend the night, he said that he “surly did” neither of us dressed. I cooked naked and we ate dinner naked, it was very a very erotic dinner as we could not keep our hands off of each other.

I was in the kitchen cleaning up when Danny got onto his knees in front of me taking my cock into his mouth; he sucked me until I was fully hard while his hands caressed my ass cheeks. Looking into his face, his dark and sexy eyes and his full lips stretched around my cock.
I pulled the back of his head tight onto my shaft he sucked harder, he moved his throat around on my cock and I was very close to cumming, I pulled out and jacked my hard cock off into his handsome face, streams of jizz landed across his lips and cheeks, his tongue darted out to taste my juice.

We played in the shower before going to bed for the night, not that there was much sleep going on. I think I shot five loads that day and night and found a very sweet and muscular bottom boy who loved me fucking him anytime I wanted.
The next time we had class together, he brought his cock out of his shorts leg again just to watch me smile, I took him into the stall of the men’s room to suck him off and that made us both smile.


  1. Hot dam man they keep getting hotter and hotter. Loving it. Keep up the great work.

  2. Great story. Wish something like that would happen to me while in my class, but doubtful.